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We understand that you may not be looking forward to the thought of people visiting your home for viewings. With concerns over Covid-19, but also to reduce the inconvenience of always having to have the house ready for a viewing many of our clients are choosing to present their property with a video to allow for potential buyers and tenants to get a good look round the property before they step over the threshold.


Potential buyers and tenants benefit from convenience and speed while also reducing concerns over Covid-19 within their search process. All this means we are able to gain more momentum in the interest we are generating and therefore a greater chance of securing a successful transaction on your behalf.

Videos can be presented on all the major portals and the Chancellors website or, if you prefer, we can present videos only after applicant registration onto our system so you know the limited group of potential buyers or tenants who have been given access to the video through our marketing.

We offer multiple services to capture your property, such as Virtual viewings, Video tours or even Drone footage but if you would like to video your own home here are some helpful tips to assist you

Set the scene

To make sure the video flows and you get a smooth transition from room to room make sure that all doors are open, and the rooms are tidy and clutter free. You want to make your property look as bright as possible so make sure as much natural light is being let in as possible and even switch on lights to enhance the light.


With your smart electronic device make sure that you set the video to landscape and not portrait as this will give a panoramic view of your property and works much better online. It is an idea to start at the front of the property and slowly approach the property pausing for a few seconds to allow the viewer to breath in the scenery. We suggest you pause in every room just for a few seconds so that the viewers get a real taste for your property. Film your property a floor at time, moving into the garden (if applicable) then ending with another frame of the front of the property.

There is no need to film every nook and craney but it may be worth spending a few extra seconds on special features your property may have like built in appliances or a secret escape at the end of the garden.


Using items like selfie sticks or tripods could help with the flow or steadiness of the video but do not worry too much if you do not have these.


Things to remember

  • Make sure it’s taken in Landscape mode
  • Lights are on and curtains and doors are open for best results
  • The length of the video should be around 2 minutes
  • Prepare your walk through, maybe time walking through the house first
  • Make sure the rooms you will be walking through are neat and tidy
  • Keep the phone as steady as possible


  • Take it in Portrait Mode
  • Rush
  • Walk through with curtains closed and lights off

Video Marketing Options Available

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