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Our Rent Guarantee scheme – your money within 10 days

We have such confidence in our tenant selection and systems that we operate a Rent Guarantee scheme – so if your tenant does not pay the rent, we will.

Our Rent Guarantee scheme provides you with the peace of mind that if your tenant lets you down, we won’t.

    Guaranteed payment by us, no insurance needed

    We provide an assurance of consistent cash flow in a way not provided by others. Where they prove necessary, rent guarantee payments are processed after only 10 days to ensure monies get to you fast.

    No forms need completing to enable this payment and money is moved electronically without delay. On the rare occasion where difficulties arise, we offer expert advice to try and remedy any breach of the tenancy by the tenant without delay. Options may be:

    • Obtaining possession of the property
    • Utilising the service of bailiffs
    • Recovering monies for dilapidations and damages in excess of the deposit held
    • Working with you and negotiating with tenants to assist in remedying any other breach in the tenancy terms

    Read the terms and conditions of our Rent Guarantee scheme in our Guide to Landlords.

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