Utility suppliers love winter more than children celebrating Christmas. Contractors love this winter period even more so due to the first cold spells leaving renters and homeowners calling them up urgently to fix an array of winter-related problems to your home.

When your boiler is broken you are the only thing still boiling….with rage!

To help avoid this, you should ensure your boiler is serviced regularly. The worst time of year for it to break down is the winter period when you fire up your radiators for your first time. You should be aware that rental properties with gas central heating are required to have all gas appliances safety checked every 12 months. Home owners should also get an annual service so that you can be confident that you will not be left frozen in shock of or when it breaks down.

Those Other Tasks

Do not forget the other tasks that are likely to keep your home warmer and dryer over the winter months such as responding quickly to leaks – or risk facing titanic consequences. Ensure the gutters are cleared so they are not blocked, and that you bleed the radiators.

Come Fly Away With Me

If you are tactfully going on holiday for Christmas, it is important not to fully turn off the heading and hot water.  You should set your heating to run at a lower temperature for a while each day in order to prevent your pipes from freezing, which can cause leaks to appear or worse, for them to expand and burst. Most modern thermostats have ‘Frost protection’ settings that can help you combat this risk, but if your property is unoccupied for longer, you may want to consider other options.

If you’re a landlord, you could enjoy a peaceful winter by taking advantage of our Property Management service. We’ll ensure the boiler at your property is safe and regularly maintained, and should the worst happen, will arrange for repairs to be swiftly carried out by our panel of reputable plumbers or Gas Safe heating engineers.

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