Special Feature: Flooring

Finally, after two weeks of ties in our weekly polls, we have a winner! This time, you voted for quality hard floors over soft carpets. With the simplicity of giving hard floors a quick wipe over with a mop or broom and the relatively low risk of marks or stains, we think this was a worthy choice. Especially when you consider that they can fit certain rooms really well. Perhaps though, it was unfair for us to ask you to choose just one. Afterall, it might be something that is decided on a room by room basis.

The Ridings, Leafield

First on our list is this beautiful period cottage in Leafield. Stone flooring in the dining room works extremely well with the exposed beams and the soft colour palette of the room. There is a rustic and homely feel which suits the look and feel of this characterful home. Likewise, the flooring in the kitchen enhances its farm-house style, especially with the contrast of the stone feature wall and wood.   1 2

Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

The textures of the flooring in this apartment add to its flare. Deep brown hues that are mixed with more vibrant colours give the reception room, dining area, and master bedroom an eye-catching sense of style. The glossy black tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms are both a practical and modern touch.       1 2

Whitewalls Close, Compton

Our final property for this week features wood flooring again. This time it can be found in the living room, kitchen/breakfast room, and sunroom. As with the last property, the living room makes good use of a rug to add a cosy touch to a space commonly used for relaxation and hosting guests. It is clear that the décor of these rooms has been well thought out, as they complement the warm colours of the wood, which assists in tying everything together.1 2

Next Week

Every week, we will be running a poll where you can vote for your favourite type of property. We will find the property that meets the winning criteria and feature it in our future Property Spotlights. Over the next week, our question is this:


You have a huge plot of land, what do you use it for? (Mansion or Housing Development)

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