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We give you insight into the job role of a property manager at our head office in Bracknell, including relevant skills, qualities and requirements, responsibilities and duties, to act as a unique job description for the position and its career path.

We have our daily morning meeting. What are the main things we need to focus on today? Renewing tenancies, deposit negotiations, repairs, organising refurbishments? Overnight we have had some emergency calls: a burst pipe; a family with no hot water and heating; and a flat with a blocked drain. These are our priorities and calls are made to the tenants immediately to check that they are okay, and that our emergency team of contractors have done all they can to stop any immediate damage to the property and ensure the tenants are safe.

I check my emails. Many have come in overnight as a large part of our client base live overseas. I always like to call my clients and then follow up with an email, so I check through the most important emails and notice two of our landlords live in Australia. I better call them now or it will get too late! One of my clients has emailed as she is worried that her tenants have not paid rent on time. I assure her that we have already written to and left messages for the tenant and promise to update her later that day. She is pleased that we are acting so quickly – she has a mortgage to pay, so the knowledge that we have chased already and that our rent guarantee service will pay the rent to her within 10 days if the tenants fail to puts her mind at rest.

I look through our database and see that we have a lot of tenancies that are due to expire soon. All of the tenants and landlords want the tenancies to continue, so I am trying to negotiate new terms that will ensure everyone is happy and fairly treated. One tenant has just bought a puppy without telling the landlord and the negotiation on this renewal is a little complicated. I draft a clause that will ensure any costs of damage caused by the puppy are covered by the tenant and request that the deposit amount is raised to protect our client.

The tenants don’t really want to pay any extra money, but I remind them that they should not really have purchased a puppy without speaking to the landlord, and that as cute as it may be it might chew the carpets or furniture and that damage at the end of the tenancy may be more. I reassure the tenants that as they have contents insurance from the start of the tenancy through a referral from us, they would be able to claim against any damage. They feel reassured and agree the new terms. Contracts are sent out and within just 10 minutes are returned and exchanged thanks to the new online signing service that we provide at Chancellors.

A quick coffee and I phone the landlord of the property with the blocked drain. She is pleased that an emergency contractor dealt with the matter. The problem has been solved quickly and efficiently for all concerned.

The emergency call about the family with no hot water and heating is a different matter. The tenants have a new born baby, it’s cold outside and the boiler needs replacing. Luckily, they have an electric shower, but the lack of heating is a priority. Whilst we obtain three quotes for a new boiler from the panel of Gas Safe engineers we have on our books, we need to resolve the situation temporarily for the tenants. I call the tenant. She is really upset as the baby kept her awake all night, she is cold and tired and doesn’t feel well. I tell her that we are getting quotes for a new boiler, but she will be without central heating for at least three days. She cries and asks me what I can do. I understand her situation is difficult and try and think how I would feel in her position. She is not unhappy with me and I should not take her reaction personally, but it is hard as her wellbeing is in my hands. I call the landlord and explain the urgency of the situation. He understands and agrees that the tenant can purchase some temporary heaters and agrees that he will refund them if they send the receipts. I call the tenant back. She is happy now and apologises for her outburst. I promise to get the boiler quotes as quickly as possible.

Lunchtime – I go across the road to grab a quick sandwich and then come back to the company kitchen to chat with some of the other members of the team. The general consensus is that today is a busy one, but the mood is positive and we all intend to do our very best this afternoon.

The tenant in arrears calls back. She does not know why the rent has not been sent to us. I take a card payment and call the landlord to say that monies will be with us shortly. She feels reassured and appreciates the update. I then chase all other late payments.

Nearly time to go home. Just enough time to release some deposits. I know some of the tenants need the money urgently. As we are governed by deposit legislation and a regulated agent we must follow correct procedure. However, the landlord has just confirmed monies can be returned to the tenants and I want to make sure they have the money by the weekend. I call the tenants to let them know monies are on their way. They are pleased that they will be able to go away this weekend now and have a good time.

Time to go home. It’s been another busy day. Tomorrow will be busy too, but no two days in the job role of a property manager are the same – I wonder what awaits me at 9am?

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