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Search by Travel Time

Travel Time Search

Our travel time search tool is designed to help you find homes to buy or rent based on travel times to points of interest. Find properties based on travel time from your place of work, a school or perhaps a family member’s home. Now you don’t have to be limited to searching for a property based on its distance from a town or city. Our innovative tool provides the opportunity to base your property search on what really matters to you. This tool allows you to search by different modes of transport and commuting methods too, including driving, walking, by train, by cycle and by public transport. The travel time search tool is a fine solution to modern-day concerns.

Find Properties Based on Commuter Times

For many property hunters, the time it takes to commute to their place of work is a crucial part of their property search. A property could be relatively near to a place of work by radius, but if the quickest way to get to your work is driving down a long country road, you may have to deal with lengthy travel times to and from work. On the other hand, a property could be quite far away from your place of work by distance, but the town is served by excellent transport links, making travel to your work quick and easy. With our travel time tool, finding a suitable property by commuter times is just a couple of clicks away.