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At Chancellors we have partnered up with industry leading reference company Canopy, who are there to help ensure that the referencing process is as smooth as possible for tenants. References carried out by Canopy can also be used to support our Deposit Replacement Scheme, which allows tenants to move in without paying an upfront deposit.

So what are the benefits to me as a tenant?

  • Verify income – by connecting your bank account you can avoid endless paperwork and prove your ability to pay your rent securely via open banking.
  • Verify and build your credit history – Canopy can carry out a soft credit check within minutes and help to build your credit through Canopy Rent Tracking.
  • Create and share your RentPassport™ – by spending 10-15 minutes* filling out your details, you can create a passport that can be shared with your new lettings manager or landlord each time you move. You won’t have to start from scratch every time!
  • Stay on budget – renting isn’t cheap and can easily be your biggest outgoing payment. Canopy have an affordability tool that can show you how much rent you can afford, to help you stay within your budget.

*average time to complete RentPassport ™, taken from Canopy website.