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We provide insight into the role of a sales negotiator at our Chancellors branch in Hereford, in order to provide a unique job description and profile, including the position’s relevant requirements, responsibilities and skills.

Every day starts with the infamous morning meeting. This is a chance to review activities from the previous day; discuss offers and properties sold; new listings and all potential business. This ensures everyone is aware of what is happening within the office, targets for the day are set and we get geared up for what lies ahead.

At my desk I ensure my diary is in order, prioritising tasks to ensure my time is being spent in the most productive way. Mornings are spent completing the follow up on viewings from the previous day, to give our clients feedback on their properties and hopefully pass on any offers.

Tea and coffee always available – it’s my turn to brew a round before calling my applicants. Touching base with applicants who are registered as looking for properties is important to develop a relationship and rapport. A great part of the job is the diverse range of people I meet and it is rewarding to help people find their perfect house. It is important to understand their current situation and why they are looking for a house, as well as what their requirements are. Understanding this means I can offer, arrange and confirm viewings which, in turn, I hope will lead to an offer. We have so many fantastic properties and always have something to offer. With time management being the key to running smoothly, I will always try and arrange block viewings, taking the same potential purchaser to at least a couple of properties one after the other – we call it our ‘Kirsty and Phil’ moment.

Lunchtime and a chance to pop home for a bite to eat and a quick walk with the dog – the beauty of living and working in a rural city. Back to the estate agency office and always a full inbox – responses to emails and calls are always done promptly; customer service is key in the job role of a sales negotiator.

Afternoons are spent negotiating offers and ensuring all incoming enquiries are dealt with fully. The later part of my afternoon is spent on viewings. I love showing people around houses; many hold back from estate agents, but I like this challenge and work on an open and friendly basis to engage the applicant and hold their trust, so they can freely speak their mind to me.

Chancellors Hereford deal with both city and rural properties, making it a diverse and exciting place to work whilst allowing each day to be slightly different. The whole team are very sales focused and we all love the friendly yet tough competition we have with each other and with colleagues in all our other offices across the company – we all work towards getting to the top of the performance league table. I’m doing well this quarter and keen to win this time! The job is very rewarding, allowing us to use the many resources the company has to benefit those using Chancellors for their sale, purchase or rental. When you spend so much time at work you have to enjoy what you do and I can honestly say I love being a sales negotiator.

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