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“The performance and attitude of our staff is vital to our continuing success. It is a pleasure to recognise the achievements and successes of our teams through cash bonuses, career development, promotions and incentive trips throughout the year.”

Robert Scott-Lee, Managing Director


How do we reward employees?

We strongly believe in celebrating the success of our team. Every quarter, we hold a business conference, the Kicks Offs, to do exactly that. High-performing employees are invited up onto the stage to receive their bonus, promotion or all types of other rewards.

With a round of applause from fellow colleagues, walking up onto the stage to be acknowledged for your performance by shareholders is a moment to be remembered. And, what better way is there to mark the occasion than by getting a write up in our monthly company newsletter shortly after the event?


What rewards do we provide?

We are always coming up with new incentives and rewards for our teams. Some of the current ones we offer are:

  • General employee benefits – Depending on your role and length of service, you are entitled to numerous employee benefits. Just a few from the exhaustive list are: additional annual leave, medical insurance, parking permit, day off work on your birthday, eye test and glasses contribution and so many more.
  • Head Office Awards – Exceed your targets or meet any of the awards criteria we’ve set for the month and get a chance to win some big prizes! This is a completely unique and digital rewards generator that we developed in-house. There are over 60 winners per month and the criteria is a mixture of targeted awards and peer-to-peer nominated awards!
  • Quarterly bonuses – All sales/lettings negotiators and managers are eligible to receive a bonus at the end of each quarter for achieving set targets – we hand out about £100,000 each year, but we’d like it to be higher! Progress can be checked during the quarter in real-time using our unique in-house performance tracker.
  • Annual award trips – Our award winners are announced in July and are taken on an all-expenses paid trip abroad – previous trips have included Dubai, Ibiza, long weekends in European capital cities, skiing in France, and more recently Las Vegas. The 2021 winners will be going to Miami and our 2022 winners will look forward to South Africa!
  • Local team events – Area Managers run local competitions and rewards every month with team nights out and prizes for the winners.
  • Vouchers – Every month, staff who have gained the best testimonials win vouchers and are entered into a prize draw to win a Red-Letter Day experience. In fact, this is also one of the rewards we present at the Kick Offs.


Our Awards ceremony (Kicks Offs)

Our Kick Offs make all team members feel valued and a key part of the future of the company. Having a chance to meet colleagues from across our network and seeing the strong competition for awards creates an exciting and motivating atmosphere. Here’s some of the things you could expect from our Kick Offs:

  • A presentation from the Managing Director and Operations Director that reflects on the previous quarter and keeps team members informed on the shared vision for future of the company
  • Updates on new products, services and initiatives – providing team members with the knowledge they need to understand how we differentiate ourselves from competitors
  • Promotions – announcements of well-deserved promotions that have happened over the previous quarter (as well as a few surprises!)
  • Bonus cheques are handed out to top performers
  • Award winners are announced and celebrated


Events throughout the year

As our network stretches across Southern England and Wales, we work hard to ensure we retain the feel of our independent roots. Events throughout the year give our teams the opportunity to meet, get to know each other, and to establish strong social networks and business connections.

Events include:

  • Kick Offs (Quarterly Business Conference) – To celebrate award winners and discuss our achievements over the last quarter and our focuses for the next.
  • Annual Christmas party -All staff and partners are invited to our annual Christmas party where we announce our annual winners and everyone gets to a chance to enjoy a relaxed evening.
  • Charity events -The company sponsors and promotes charitable events in every area we operate and branch staff are often participants in those activities, be it a simple school fair or a distance run. Over the year, we are proud to sponsor over 75 events.
  • Incentive events -Run by local directors, these short regional competitions with prizes at the end of them motivate teams to excel and deliver performance and service in key areas across the business.