“The performance and attitude of our staff is vital to our continuing success. It is a pleasure to recognise the achievements and successes of our teams through cash bonuses, career development, promotions and incentive trips throughout the year.”

Robert Scott-Lee, Managing Director


We encourage exceptional performance from each member of our team and ensure that it is publicly recognised and rewarded at our quarterly business conferences and in our newsletter. Business Conferences are held each quarter and our branch staff and Head Office teams meet together for:

  • A presentation from the Managing Director and Operations Director on our achievements and successes in the previous quarter and our focus points for the next
  • Updates on new products, services and initiatives – we strive to be at the forefront of our field and differentiate ourselves from our competitors
  • Promotions – announcements of well-deserved promotions that have happened over the previous quarter as well as a few surprises
  • Bonus cheques are handed out to our top performers
  • Award winners are announced and celebrated

We reward our estate agency employees with:

  • Quarterly bonuses
    All sales and lettings negotiators and managers are eligible to receive a tax-paid cheque at the end of each quarter for achieving set targets – we hand out about £100,000 each year but we’d like it to be higher!
  • Bi-annual award trips
    Our annual award winners are announced at our Christmas party and are taken on an all-expenses paid trip abroad – previous trips have included long weekends in European capital cities and skiing in France.
  • Vouchers
    Every month staff who have gained the best testimonials win vouchers and are entered into a prize draw to win a Red Letter Day presented at our quarterly awards conference.


Our quarterly conferences provide the opportunity for staff members across our wide network to meet. The strong competition for the awards creates an exciting and motivating atmosphere.

As our network stretches across the south of England to Mid Wales, we work hard to ensure we retain the feel of our independent roots. Events throughout the year give our teams the opportunity to meet, get to know each other and expand social circles, also helping to establish strong business networks.

Events include:

  • Quarterly business conference
    To celebrate award winners and discuss our achievements over the last quarter and our focuses for the next.
  • Bi-annual award trips
    Winners of the quarterly awards are announced at our quarterly business conferences and are taken on an all-expenses paid night out by the Directors – previous trips have included wine tasting, cocktail making, Windsor Races, boat trips and private dining events.
  • Annual Christmas party
    All staff and partners are invited to our annual Christmas party where we announce our annual winners and everyone gets to a chance to enjoy a relaxed evening.
  • Charity events
    The company sponsors and promotes charitable events in every area we operate and branch staff are often participants in those activities, be it a simple school fair or a distance run.
  • Incentive events
    Run by local directors, these short regional competitions with prizes at the end of them motivate teams to excel and deliver performance and service in key areas across the business.