We love to start our quarters off with a bang and the October Sales Kick-Off this year was no different, delivering an exciting business conference where we acknowledged our accomplishments, rewarded our team and focused on our business goals for the rest of 2019.

Chancellors Sales Kick-Off’s off are an excellent way for all our team members to feel valued and a key part of the future of Chancellors. It also gives a chance to meet colleagues from across our expansive network across the home counties, London and Mid Wales and establish strong social networks and business connections.

This quarter’s Kick-Off, which took place at Camberley Theatre, began with a presentation from our Operations Director, Darren Simpson who reflected on the previous quarter of the company and kept the team informed on what’s next for Chancellors and how the business plans to expand and grow in the coming months.

We also delivered updates on the new products, services and initiatives being developed to ensure Chancellors continues to stay ahead of the trends and continue to be market leaders.


Chancellors Sales Kick Off Quarter 3 2019
Chancellors Sales Kick Off Quarter 3 2019


Of course, as is customary, we also took time to recognise the strong talent within our company, as many awards and bonus cheques were handed out and even some surprise promotions.

One of the most exciting elements of the kick-off was a highlight reel of the 2019 incentive trip, where the highest performing employees were treated to an all-expenses-paid adventure to Las Vegas. It was clear to see they had an amazing adventure to the entertainment capital of the world. A vote for the 2020 incentive trip destination then took place with a varied range of options to choose from including Ibiza, Dubai and Thailand; but the Chancellors staff voted for South Africa 2020. The trip will see winners treated to the stunning landscapes, opulent hotels and incredible wildlife.

To see how you could join our team and be at our next kick-off and perhaps even on the plane jetting off to South Africa, click here to view our current vacancies.