During spring there are a large number of buyers actively searching for property. For a quick sale, you need to make sure that you choose the right staging and dress your house appropriately.

To help you make the most of this seasonal time and to make sure you’re not left wondering why you can’t sell your house, we have provided these 8 clever tips:


1. Know your target market

Try and tailor your space to specific groups of potential buyers. You will need to achieve the balance of appealing to your main target market without alienating other groups of people. Most people are looking for versatility, so consider showing how your office could be made into another bedroom, for example.


2. Have a spring clean

There is nothing more inviting than a spotless home! If you want a potential buyer to feel drawn to a home make sure you have a thorough clean. This includes washing windows inside and outside, and polishing mirrors so they reflect the sunlight and brighten rooms. Your kitchen and bathroom need to look hygienic so pay special attention to them.


3. An appealing aroma

The scent of your house can play a big part in how potential buyers remember your home. You want house hunters to enter and leave your home with a positive image in mind, not one that is associated with bad smells from leftover food or rubbish. This is why staging is so important. A great tip is to do some home baking – bread, cakes, cookies, etc. – so your house is filled with an inviting smell that gives your house a homely feel.


4. Freshen up tired looking areas

If your home looks run down or tired take the time to smarten these areas. Consider a fresh coat of paint, new flooring or new doors if you need to transform and smarten up a tired-looking property for viewings.


5. Remove clutter

Potential buyers will want to check the amount of storage space available by looking in the store cupboards, wardrobes and drawers you thought you’d hidden away – so clear them out. You want potential buyers to picture themselves living in the house.


6. Tidy up any outside spaces

The garden is considered an additional room so make sure that it fits in with the feel of your home and looks like a great space for entertaining. Showcase the exterior and brighten up the interior of your home by controlling overgrown vegetation, cutting tree limbs and clearing away debris from your lawn.


7. Finishing Touches

Go the extra mile and show potential buyers that you pay attention to detail by placing freshly cut flowers around the house and ironing all linen on display. This will ensure that your home smells and looks its best during viewings to encourage a sale. A similar effect can be achieved by ensuring that your house is warm and all light bulbs are working.


8. Choose a professional estate agent

You should choose a professional agent that has prior experience with a property similar to yours, as they will know more about potential buyers and be able to advise on what your target market is looking for in a property.

If you would like more information on how to sell your property, visit our branches page and speak to one of our local estate agents. You can also request a Free Market Appraisal of your property where we will arrange a convenient time to help you.

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