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As the saying goes, you don’t sell the steak – you sell the sizzle. When it comes to selling your home, there’s plenty to be learned from this (admittedly clichéd) phrase.

The interior is very much the ‘meat’ of your property. The number and layout of bedrooms, the quality of the bathroom, the size of the kitchen; these are the things that will ultimately help to persuade a potential buyer to make an offer.

But the exterior is the ‘sizzle’. Wow a viewer with a beautifully maintained garden, a spotless and sizeable driveway, and clean, elegant windows; they’ll already be in the buying mindset before they’ve even stepped through your front door.

We’ve already spoken about the potential benefits (and disadvantages) of making various home improvements before listing your home on the market. Here, we’ll look specifically at how boosting your property’s ‘kerb appeal’ could influence its potential and your chances of landing a sale.


How long does it take a viewer to decide if they like your home?

Are you concerned that the outside of your property could be putting off potential buyers? Don’t expect to win them round by dazzling them with the interior; time is very much against you here.

According to a study of almost 3,000 Brits, all of whom had either recently purchased a property or were in the process of looking for a new house, the average respondent said it took them just 40 seconds from walking into a home to decide if they wanted to put in an offer.

It’s hardly surprising that viewers waste little time in making their mind up. On average, respondents viewed 11 properties before deciding to buy; with that many homes to compare, even the smallest concern can become a much bigger issue. If a viewer has a bad first impression of your house, don’t expect them to change their mind.

So what is it that’s putting off potential buyers so quickly? Unsurprisingly, some of the biggest property turn-offs are related to a home’s kerb appeal. Almost half of respondents said they would be dissuaded by single-glazed windows, while a quarter revealed that an untidy or overgrown garden would be likely to stop them from buying.


How to improve the front of your house to increase its potential

By now, it should be clear that you’re unlikely to attract many offers with a house that looks unattractive from the roadside. But could improving your home’s kerb appeal actually persuade viewers to pay more for it? Some studies suggest that it can. Read on to learn about the top kerb appeal ideas to boost your property’s potential:


Maintaining exterior walls and roof:

The very first thing a potential buyer would see when viewing your property would be the bigger picture of your property exterior, and first impressions are very important, that’s why it is important to ensure that the exterior of your property is well maintained. This includes well maintained walls and roof. You can replace any broken or missing roof tiles and paint the exterior walls to give your property a fresh look and make it stand out from other properties in the neighbourhood.

Having said that, it is always important to see the bigger picture, and consider who you are targeting in the sales of your property. If your property in general needs a lot of work, inside and out, it is fair to assume that it would appeal to developers and DIY enthusiasts who don’t want to pay the premium for a well maintained exterior, and doing these kind of upgrades might put them off, as they would feel that they would have to overpay to purchase your property.

Although if you are looking to appeal to families and professionals, then ensuring that your property is as liveable and clean as possible is a must as these people often are looking for places that they can move in with minimum amount of hassle, hence a well maintained exterior would increase your property’s price potential and sales potential.


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Fitting a new front door:

One of the first things a viewer would see close up is a front door. A clean and modern front door would certainly make a positive impression whilst also giving the viewer an impression of the property being loved rather than being ignored, a front door is a bridge from the exterior to the interior, although a very small thing but having a nice front door would impact both the exterior feel as well as setting the mood for the interior of your property.

While we’re on the subject, property expert Sarah Beeny – who describes herself as a “huge advocate” of impressing viewers with a new front door – has given her tips on the best door colour to help sell your home. Apparently, bright yellow, pink and turquoise give your property the “wow factor”, while deep blue, dark grey and sage green can lend your house a feeling of timeless style and sophistication.


Power-washing walls and windows:

Thoroughly scrubbing your external walls and windows could also help you attract a higher sale price, according to the US National Association of Realtors. Pressure washing will not only add more wow factor to the exterior of the property making it look more modern and loved, but will also allow more light inside of your property which is a factor many buyers are concerned with. Pressure washing your windows will also ensure you don’t get any bad surprises if a prospective buyer decides to open the window.


Professionally maintaining your garden: Potential increase of £2,000

Amateur gardeners will be pleased to learn that a simple spot of lawn care, pruning and flower-planting could be driving up the value of their property. According to AXA Insurance, a well-kept garden can increase your house price by as much as £1,954 – more than four times the average amount that homeowners spend on their gardens in a year.



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