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We focus every energy in serving you the highest quality tenant and alongside offering our Rent Guarantee Scheme and Eviction Protection Service as part of our Property Management Services.

Our Rent Guarantee Scheme and Eviction Protection Service provide you with the peace of mind that if your tenant lets you down, we won’t.


Guaranteed payment by us, no insurance needed

We have such confidence in our tenant selection and systems that we operate a Rent Guarantee Scheme as part of our standard Landlord Property Management Services – so if your tenant does not pay the rent, we will. We provide an assurance of consistent cash flow in a way not provided by others. Where they prove necessary, rent guarantee payments are processed after only 10 days to ensure monies get to you fast.

No forms need completing to enable this payment and money is moved electronically without delay.

Eviction Service

On the rare occasion where difficulties arise during a tenancy, our Eviction Protection Service provides you as the landlord with protection where your tenant fails to pay the rent during the first 12 months of the tenancy and continues to occupy the property without your agreement.

  • This comes into effect when a tenant is 2 months in arrears
  • Our partners will arrange for solicitors to draft, prepare and submit papers to the Court to instigate formal legal proceedings to obtain a possession order on the property
  • If the tenant is still in occupation beyond the date set by the Court, our partners will arrange for a bailiff to remove your tenant and return the property back to you

Tenant Monitoring

Regular information on existing tenants reduces the risk of issues arising from tenants who have a deteriorating financial status. Our Tenant Monitoring solution can help you minimise that risk proactively rather than after matters have progressed too far. By providing monthly ongoing credit monitoring of your tenant for the lifetime of the tenancy, our expert teams can advise you throughout the tenancy based on this up to date credit information

  • We arrange monthly credit monitoring of your tenants throughout the tenancy
  • The information is returned promptly, empowering you to make decisions quickly with the help from our expert teams
  • Keeps you up to date on your tenants’ financial situation throughout the tenancy
  • Pre-empts rental payment problems
  • Puts you in a better position to decide whether a tenancy renewal is in the best interests of both you and your tenant
  • Gives you the necessary information to negotiate renewed terms
  • Offered as standard where Chancellors collect the rent

Please read the terms and conditions of these services in our Guide to Landlords.