Chancellors joins lets with pets scheme

As a pet-friendly letting agency, The Chancellors Group of Estate Agents is pleased to announce its partnership with the Dogs Trust Lets with Pets Scheme.

According to a Dogs Trust survey of pet owners carried out in 2011, pet owners can take up to seven times longer to rent a home compared to non-pet owners, and one in three pet owners could not find a suitable property which would accept their pet.

Benefits to landlords
Renting your property to tenants with pets maximises its rental potential:

1. Few properties on the market accept pets so your property will be in high demand. Pet-friendly properties are highly sought after and won’t be vacant for long.

2. Tenants are likely to stay longer in your property as they know how difficult it is to find pet-friendly accommodation.

3. Responsible pet owners often make responsible tenants. The lack of pet-friendly rental accommodation means tenants are less likely to behave in a way that would jeopardise their tenancy.

Benefits to tenants
When looking for a rental property through Chancellors it’s now become much easier to find homes that accept your pet. When browsing our online listing of properties to rent look out for the words ‘pets considered’ alongside a symbol of a paw print.

Chancellors are operating this scheme throughout their network of 49 offices in London, the Home Counties, Oxfordshire, Herefordshire and Mid Wales.

To find out more about the scheme go to or contact Chancellors on 0333 6000 060.

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