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There is a certain craft to staging a home ahead of selling it and when it comes to a sale, first impressions count for a lot. Naturally, your home should be in the best possible condition ahead of any viewing and potential sale. However, the winter months are not the easiest conditions to work in, especially when the weather is dreary and the days are shorter. 

So, if your property is on the market over the coming months and you want to capitalise on a seasonal shift, here are our top tips for better staging in the winter. 

1. Embrace the Season and Make your Home Welcoming 

Despite spring and summer lending themselves to brighter days and seemingly more ideal for selling a home, winter has its own charm and is not a deal breaker. 

Use winter’s natural seasonality to promote the idyllic cosiness and festiveness that is the antidote to the cold and frosty days. Using delicately placed throws and pillows will make living rooms and bedrooms feel warmer and more relaxing.  

It may sound simple, but make sure the thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature – a cold home will not be welcoming to any buyers. 


Use fabrics to make your home look cosy and warm

 2. Show your Home in its Best Light (Literally) 

Keep your windows clean, your curtains open and your lights on. 

Natural light is invaluable and artificial light is essential, whether your viewing is in the day or at night. Presenting each room in its best light will give everywhere a genuine sense of space for your viewings. 


3. Get Organised 

No one wants to see muddy boots or sodden raincoats – takthe time to make sure all your winter gear is out of sight and out of mind. Whether it is the coat hooks or shoe rack, taking the time to organise and declutter these areas will go a long way. If some areas of your home feel crowded rather than cosy, you’re heading in the wrong direction. 

Winter can be tough on your floors too; dirt, dust and damp are some of the worst offenders at this time of year. A routine sweep, hoover or mop between viewings will keep entrance ways and hard floors looking their best for each prospective buyer. 

If you want to avoid any mess, opt for disposable shoe covers for any potential guests or viewers. 


4. Enhance your Curb Appeal 

Winter is gloomy, so making your home stand out on arrival will set your property aside and start any viewing off on the right foot. After placing a lot of emphasis on the interior of a property, it is easy to overlook the exterior of a property. Sprucing up the entrance with a fresh coat of paint and tidying up your front garden or driveway will go a long way. 

 Use evergreen foliage to improve kerb appeal in Winter

5. Make your Home Evergreen 

Unlike spring and summer, it can be hard work to bring some vibrancy to the outside of your home, seasonal plants like pine, holly, Japanese yew, and camellias will add life and colour to your property. If you are seeking some décor for your porch, use a blend of outdoor ornaments and seasonal foliage to set yourself apart from other properties. 


If you’re looking for more tips on how to stage your homeread our guide to home staging blog for more information. If you’re considering selling or letting this winter, let us help get you moving – book a free no-obligation property valuation online or contact your nearest branch for more detail. 

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