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From a change in personal circumstances, to disposing of an inherited property, there are numerous reasons for wanting to sell your house fast. Whatever your motivation, if you’re looking to secure a quick sale, you’re in the right place. This in-depth guide will give you plenty of expert tips, including the steps you should take and the pitfalls to avoid along the way. 

Do You Really Need to Sell Your House Quickly? 

First off, take some time to consider whether or not a quick sale is actually your best option. While anyone selling a house wants the process to be smooth rather than dragging on for months, it generally doesn’t pay to be too hasty. 

Think about whether you can afford to wait a little while, as you’re likely to get a significantly better price. For instance, if you’re moving to a new area, do you have enough money saved to rent for a few weeks while your property remains on the market? 

Understand the True Value of Your Home 

Whether or not you’re seeking to sell your house quickly, you need to have a clear understanding of its value first. At Chancellors, we offer a choice of valuations. As the first step for anyone planning to sell their home, we recommend booking a free market appraisal and we’ll send one of our local experts to visit your property. As well as a price estimate, we’ll talk through the tactics we’d use to get the best possible sale price in a timescale that works for you. 

If you are not quite ready to book a free market appraisal, you can get a free instant online valuation, which will give you an estimate of how much your home is worth based on the typical property condition in your area. 

Should I Use a “Quick House Sale” Company? 

So-called “quick sale” companies can seem like an attractive option. They offer to sell with minimal turnaround time – paying in cash – by buying your property directly or sourcing a third-party buyer quickly. 

Whilst it is often the quickest way to sell a house, as an estate agent with more than 200 years’ experience in selling homes, we would advise caution in using quick house sale companies and services.  

The government’s impartial Money Advice Service emphasises that you should be wary of quick house sale companies trying to mislead you. They highlight one story where a homeowner agreed a price of £120,000, only to be told that the value of the property had dropped to £80,000 just before the deal was signed. 

Money Advice Service also states that you should expect to receive around 25% less than your property’s true market value if you choose to sell via this route. 

Those using a quick home sale company may also experience other problems, including fee structures not being made clear, false property valuations and being tied into contracts which do not allow you to accept a better offer on your property.  

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Tips to Sell Your House Fast 

There are a number of things you can do to improve the chances of selling your home quickly.  

Here are some tips to help you attract more buyers and secure a quick sale on your property.  

House Keeping, Cleaning and General Maintenance 

Typically, houses which are clean and in good condition sell quicker than those which are messy and cluttered. When buyers view a property, they want to visualise themselves living in your home.  

If your home is untidy and cluttered, it will be difficult for buyers to envision themselves living in the property. This might result in not finding a buyer as quickly as you hoped. 

If you need to sell your house quickly and have a lot of belongings, you may want to consider moving your belongings into temporary storage. It is also a good idea to keep family photos and ornaments to a minimum inside the property. 

Don’t forget to pay attention to your entrance hallway or lobby. Whilst they are often overlooked, hallways and lobbies are often the first part of the inside of the house which buyers see. Make sure they are clean and decluttered. 

You may want to consider hiring a professional cleaner to do a deep clean of your house too, which will help to present your property in its best possible light. A deep clean can make a huge difference and will only come at a small cost. 

Simple Home Improvements 

If you are looking to sell your property quickly, you probably won’t have time to undertake any significant and lengthy home improvements. However, it is possible to add more appeal to your property with some simple improvements, including: 

  • A fresh coat of paint in the property 
  • Taking care of any mould stains 
  • Replacing any handles on doors or windows which are broken 
  • Getting a new doormat or rugs 

Improve Home Staging and Presentation of the House 

It goes without saying that staging your home well is an important part of the selling process. If you want to sell your house fast, the importance of good home staging is all-the-more important.  

You can make your property more appealing to house viewers by making sure beds are clean and made with fresh linen and by removing any bad odours which are lingering in the house.  

To make your home more homely, you may want to consider lighting a fire or perhaps even baking some bread. You could also place a bunch of freshly-picked flowers in the kitchen or living room for some added colour.   

Try to make your house as bright and airy as possible and give it a good airing. Consider placing a few sidelights in the house to add some more light. This is particularly useful with evening house viewings.  

Make sure that any scents in the house are not overpowering. Neutral fragrances such as vanilla or fresh cotton are good options. 

Also, make sure that tiled floors are mopped, carpets are vacuumed, and that wooden furniture and taps have been polished. Wipe down surfaces and do not leave washing or dishes lying around.  

There were probably certain things about your house which attracted you to the property. When preparing your house for viewings, make sure that those features are clearly visible. 

It is also worth considering the quality of photographs in any advertising of your property. High-quality photographs will attract more interest and potentially lead to a quicker sale. 

Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal and Outdoor Space 

Improving your home’s kerb appeal can be a simple way of increasing the appeal of your property and making a quick sale more likely. Improving your home’s kerb appeal may also increase the value of your property too. 

First impressions do count. With a clean and well-maintained exterior and garden, your property will give buyers positive signals before they even step foot into the property.  

Take the time to properly consider your property from the curb, and maybe ask a couple of your more critical friends or relatives to do the same.  

Quick ways of improving your home’s kerb appeal: 

  • Make sure the lawn is mowed, bushes and trees are trimmed and pruned, and weeds have been pulled out  
  • Take care of cracked paintwork 
  • Consider planting a flowerbed 
  • Wash the windows of the property (both outside and in) 
  • Repair any broken gates or fences Consider power-washing walls and windows 
  • Consider fitting a new front door 

Consider Seasonality 

If you do not need to sell your house as fast as possible and Spring is on the horizon, we would recommend waiting until the change of season to list your property on the market. Listing your property in Spring is generally the optimal time to receive the most interest in your property. With the longer days and better weather, more buyers are likely to be around.  

Our article on selling your house in different seasons explains more about seasonal differences.   

Do Not Do Anything Drastic 

If you want to sell your house fast, you might be tempted to do whatever it takes to get that sale secured. However, whilst we do recommend making some strategic changes to attract buyers, it is important to not do anything drastic. 

We would not recommend making any significant changes to your house, like building an extension or installing a new kitchen or bathroom.  

It is quite possible that new buyers will want to put their own imprint on the property anyway when they move in. Also, there is no guarantee that changes made to the property will be to the tastes of potential buyers. 

Think About Going to Auction  

If you need to hit specific deadlines for the sale of your house, it is worth considering putting your house up for auction. Auctions are now extremely popular for those looking to find their ideal property within a specific deadline and are no longer exclusively for the professional property investor or developer.   

Selling your house fast is no easy task but with the help of a quality auction service, you can secure the sale of your house quickly and effectively, as with auctions, the certainty of completing a sale is both much greater and timeframes generally much shorter than on the open market 

Our specialist auction service provided by SDL is highly experienced and they have helped thousands of people secure a completion on the sale of their house within tight deadlines they are working to.   

To find out more about our highly regarded auction service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.   

Help Chancellors to Help You 

When it comes to wooing prospective buyers, a little intimate knowledge about the property can go a long way. While the estate agent should be highly adept at showcasing the positive aspects of your home, buyers understandably want to know a little more before making an offer.  

Provide your agent with as much information about the property as possible – a detail that seems insignificant to you might just help us to close your sale. Also, do your best to reply promptly to any questions that arise from viewings. 

Chancellors have decades of experience in the industry, and we understand what it takes to sell a house. With our unrivalled expertise, we will work with you to help you sell your house as quickly as possible.  

Contact us now for more information about our range of services.  

Correct at time of publication (20th November 2018). The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the individual contributor and do not necessarily reflect those of the Chancellors Group of Estate Agents Ltd or its subsidiaries. References to legislation, best practice and other matters with legal implications such as fees, rules and processes are included for information and editorial purposes only and are not authoritative, nor should they be interpreted as advice. When in doubt you should only take advice from an industry professional or solicitor where appropriate. E&OE.

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