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Not sure how much your property is worth? Want to find out? Getting an accurate view of your property’s market value should be your first step if you are considering letting or selling your house or apartment – after all, you want to feel confident that you’re getting a fair price.

Fortunately, Chancellors is here to help. We offer two FREE services that’ll give you a great understanding of your property’s market value.

Free Face-to-Face Valuation

Free Instant Online Valuation

  • First step if you are considering selling or letting your property
  • Get an instant estimate of how much your home could be worth
  • Find out average property prices in your area
  • Assumes a typical property condition without improvements made

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Paid Survey

  • The types of survey offered include RICS red book valuation, RICS condition report, RICS homebuyers report and RICS building survey
  • You can compare quotes from local RICS surveyors based on price, rating and turnaround time
  • Instruct and track progress 24/7, speeding up the process and enabling you to monitor the status of your survey from start to finish
  • Tailored and Bespoke quotes available for a variety of different types of surveys, rather than estimates.
  • Your payment is only sent to the surveyor once you have received your report. Unlike going direct.
  • The surveyor is independent and will provide completely impartial advice.

The Benefits of Property Valuations from Estate Agents 

A property valuation from an Estate agent, sometimes called a Market Appraisal, provides a clear picture of how they might go about marketing your property to maximise its value based on your requirements and timeframes.  Here at Chancellors, we offer free house valuations both online and face-to-face to provide this marketing review.  

Note- Estate Agents valuations are very different from one carried out by a surveyor which will be a paid for service and will be needed if you need to know what your property is worth for personal financial reasons. 

There are many reasons why somebody might decide to get their house valued by an estate agent. Perhaps you are looking to sell your house or rent it out, or maybe you are just curious about your property’s worth in the current market.  

Our in-person valuations are delivered by local property experts with a thorough understanding of the areas they serve.  

A property valuation or Market Appraisal can act as the first steppingstone towards your future plans. Our in-person property valuations are conducted with strict adherence to social distancing guidelines. Through our tried and tested methods, we are able to give a strategy for marketing a property that considers recent sales in the area as well as the current competition from other properties that yours will face when looking to secure the perfect buyer. Your timeframes and other requirements will of course be a factor and will be taken into account in any strategy presented. We will provide you with the crucial information to help you make an informed decision on your next move. 

As a local estate agent it is important to always remember that our property valuations are based on our experience of selling similar properties in the area, as well as current buyer demand and the latest market trends.  

Whatever the reason might be for your property valuation, Chancellors can work with you every step of the way.  

Will I Need to Pay for a House Valuation? 

This depends on the provider which you choose to conduct the property valuation. At Chancellors, as Estate Agents, we offer property valuations completely free of charge with no obligation to sell with us. For a formal Valuation report for the purposes of a review of your assets you will often need a report from a Surveyor which will be chargeable, and we would be very happy to refer you to a member of our Surveyor panel as required.  

What are the Benefits of an Online Valuation? 

An online valuation is the quickest way to get a rough estimate of the value of your property. It is a good place to start if you have no idea how much your home is worth. However, it is not the most accurate estimate and can never be as accurate as an estate agent’s estimate once they have seen your property and taken into account its current condition and the current competition it will face if it came to the market.  

How Can I Get the Most Accurate Valuation of my House’s Worth in the Current Market?  

Whilst online valuations are quick and convenient, they do not provide the most accurate valuation. An in-person valuation, or Market Appraisal, conducted by an estate agent will give you a more accurate picture of the worth of your house in the current market. An estate agent can evaluate your property in a much more thorough manner, taking into account the unique condition of the property. Some of the areas they will assess include the general condition and presentation of the property, the interior of the house and the age of kitchen and bathroom appliances as these will be things that buyers will note and consider as part of any offer. The estate agent will not look at structural matters as this is something that only surveyors are qualified to do. 

Also, it goes without saying that estate agents will have intimate knowledge of the local area and housing market. Expert local knowledge will lead to more accurate property valuation for marketing purposes. 

Is it Important to Have an Accurate Property Valuation? 

If you are looking to sell your house, it is extremely important to have an accurate picture of how much your house is worth and how that can be maximised through a marketing strategy. When you have the view of your house vs resent sales and others around it, you can set the right price for your timeframes when you begin the selling process 

You could seriously damage the selling process if your property is not positioned correctly in terms of the marketing strategy.  

What Affects How Much a House is Worth? 

There are a multitude of factors which influence the worth of a property. Of course, the size of a property and its geographical location are the most influential factors in the house’s worth. Other factors which affect the value of a house include: 

  • Age of the property 
  • Number of bedrooms 
  • The garden space 
  • A garage 
  • A driveway 
  • Structural integrity of the house (something a Surveyor would need to review if there were any concerns) 
  • The condition of the property 
  • The layout of the property 

A house’s worth is also determined by the local factors, including: 

  • The quality of schools 
  • The amenities, shops and restaurants in the area 
  • Transport links
  • Crime rates in the area 
  • Regeneration plans for the area 
  • The infrastructure of the area 

Get an Instant Estimate on your Property Value in the Current Market 

Are you looking for a quick estimate of the value of your home? Our free instant online valuation service will give you an estimate of your property’s value, plus an insight into the average property prices in your area. To get your online valuation, all we need is your address and contact details. 

It should be noted that this valuation is based on average property price changes over time and does not take into account factors such as improvements to the property or recent changes to your local area. 

Request a Free Market Appraisal/ Estate Agents Valuation 

For the most accurate free assessment of your property’s value for marketing purposes, book a free market appraisal to request a visit from one of our local experts. To arrange your appraisal, all we need is your name, postcode and contact details. We will be in touch to arrange the appointment at a time convenient for you.  

Our market appraisals take into account the full range of factors influencing the value of your property, including the condition of your home and the current prices of similar properties in the area. Our property value experts will even give you insight into how we can help you secure a fantastic price for your property, in a timescale that works for you. 

Selling and Lettings Services Offered by Chancellors 

If you are thinking about selling or letting out your house, you might be wondering about the benefits of working with an estate agent to help you sell or let your property. 

Chancellors offer a comprehensive service to sellers. We can help you through the entire process of selling a property, from advertising your property in the most effective manner possible, to working with all interested parties to help to get the sale over the line. We can even help you to take quality photographs to advertise your property in the best possible light.  

We have extensive local expertise in OxfordshireBuckinghamshireBerkshire, HertfordshirePowysSurreyLondonHerefordshire and Hampshire. Our professional and experienced estate agents pride themselves on delivering an outstanding service, and we will do our utmost to help you achieve your desired outcome.  

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