Proof of Chancellors Estate Agents long history in the property industry has been discovered in Richmond, Surrey. A local resident found the old ‘For Sale’ notice, pictured below, for a house on Mount Ararat Road that belonged to his great grandfather nearly 150 years ago. Among his findings, there are also press cuttings from the late 1800s when his family offered the property for rent – the ‘buy to let’ market even existed two centuries ago!

Mount Ararat Road 57 Sale Particulars 1913

Chancellors’ first premises were in Richmond 200 years ago where they became a well-established and respected firm of auctioneers, valuers and estate agents. This notice shows Chancellors auctioning the house with an annual rental estimate of £120 per year, a small fraction of what it would be today!

Today, Chancellors still have an office in Richmond and currently rent a number of properties in Mount Ararat Road to clients with a fully managed service, testament to the estate agent’s strong reputation and heritage.

You can read more about Chancellors’ history here: A Reputation 200 Years in the Making.