Buying a home and purchasing your sheepskin rugs, drinking cabinet, chessboard and laptop truly make a home feel complete. However, these favourite necessities of yours could also be a burglar’s favourite items.  You must therefore ensure that when you buy your new property, it is burglar proof.

Front Door

To start off with, you need a cylinder lock plus a deadlock. This integrated into an imposing door that looks grand and strong will weaken the resolve of the burglar to break into your property, through the front door.

Alarm System

Your alarm system should be comprehensive and extraordinarily loud so as to alert the neighbours and your local community of an assault on your property. Motion detectors are a necessity as well as 24 hour rolling high definition CCTV filming with remote alert systems in place, so you can call the police and protect your mahogany chessboard. Don’t be a pawn.

Hide Your Items From The Window

Burglar’s are enticed by luxurious items and are opportunists by nature. When they see your glass decanters filled up with a wide assortment of wildly exotic Scottish single and double malts, it is highly likely that this will intoxicate the burglar into attempting a robbery. You must therefore make sure your living room window is not like a retail shop one to these would be burglar’s prowling the streets.

Defend Your Community

Make sure your local community and neighbours are looking out for each other and exchanging intelligence regarding the arrival of burglar’s to your neighbourhood. Ensure your local police contacts are exchanging such information with you so that you can build up a strong, vigilant and reactionary community.

Lock Up Your Tools

If you have a shed or garage do not let these be your venerable spots. View your shed or garage as you would your house. Ensure the doors are secured with imposing locks and that the windows are bolted securely shut, as if a beach front property dealing with an incoming hurricane.


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