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Chancellors is the leading estate agents in Oxford. We have 4 branches in the City of Oxford and a total of 15 branches across Oxfordshire, a larger market share than any other agent in the county.* Our Oxfordshire division has won over 10 awards in the past 6 years alone, making it one of the highest regarded agencies in the county.


Oxford’s housing market

Oxford is one of the prime places to live outside of London, with a booming industry and economy growth, banks of attractions and places to see and great educational institutes. According to Oxford City Council, the average house price in Oxford has been £395,000 across all different types of houses.** Oxford has also seen an increase in house prices mostly affecting flats and maisonettes, which have increased by 8.8% (between March 2017 and March 2018)**, making Oxford a great opportunity for investors and landlords whilst return on investment is likely to be increase.

The average price for a detached property in Oxford in the year ending March 2018 was £745,000 whilst semi-detached and terraced houses fetched average £415,00 and £401,000 respectively followed by flats costing an average of £310,000.**

Oxford has also seen an increase of 4,000 in 10 years in the number of households living in purpose built apartments. 47% of households own their home in Oxford whilst 28% rent their home in the private sector.**


About Oxford

Oxford is the biggest and most populated city in the Oxfordshire county. Oxford is home to two universities, The University of Oxford – one of the most prestigious universities in the world & the oldest university in the United Kingdom, and Oxford Brookes University.


Demography & Population

According to Oxford City Council, Oxford has a population of approximately 154,600 people. Oxford is also home to approximately 33,640 full-time university students, enrolled at either The University of Oxford or Oxford Brookes University. Chancellors have helped thousands of students in Oxford find accommodation throughout the years, we have a dedicated Student Lettings page if you wish to find out more.

Oxford is host to 4,730 businesses providing 118,000 jobs, making this city a great place to work, with more jobs than residents – a ratio of 1.23.


The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford has educated many notable alumni including 27 British Prime Ministers, at least 30 international leaders, including former Unites States President, Bill Clinton. Oxford has been associated with 32 winners of the Nobel Prize and three mathematics Field medal winners. Many famous scientists have either studied at the University of Oxford or have spent brief periods there. Stephen Hawking studied at the University College Edwin Hubble, at the Queen’s college and Robert Hook at Wadham College whilst Albert Einstein & Erwin Schrodinger have spent brief periods there too.

Oxford has played a huge role in literature, drama and music too. There is a long list of writers who studied at this university such as J. R. R. Tolkien – writer of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The famous British composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber also studied there at Magdalen Collage. Famous British comedian & actor, Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Grant have also studied at this university.

University of Oxford has also had a large impact in religion. It is reported that 12 saints, 19 English cardinals and 20 Archbishops of Canterburys studied at the University. Oxford’s religious influence goes further than Christianity, Mirza Nasir Ahmad – the third Amadiyya Calith and Shoghi Effendi – Baha’i faith leader and grandson to the religion’s founder also studied at this university.

Oxford has also been prominent in the world of sports, with 150 Olympic medal winners having academic connections with the university.


Notable locations & attractions

The City of Oxford is known as the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’, in reference to the architecture of the numerous University buildings, and is the sixth most visited British City by tourists. There are numerous museums in Oxford: Ashmolean Museum, Pitt Rivers Museum and the Museum of Natural History to name a few and more across Oxfordshire.

Westgate Oxford Shopping centre is the main shopping hub in Oxford. Remodelled in 2016-2017, it now has over 100 stores including both high street and premium global brands.

Harry Potter

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, here’s a great reason to visit Oxford…The Great Hall in the Harry Potter films was modelled after The Hall in the Christ Church college of Oxford University. This dining hall was the largest hall in Oxford until the 1870’s, however, the Hall is still used today for daily college meals and to host banquet dinners.

Chancellors put Harry Potter’s infamous childhood home (4 Privet Drive) on the market in 2016.


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*Statement based upon the number of physical branches.

**Statistics from Oxford City Council https://www.oxford.gov.uk/info/20126/housing/458/housing_in_oxford. Correct at the time of publishing.